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c/o  Hebeinstriet Street, Wilemien Street,

Klein Windhoek, Windhoek, Namibia.

+264 81 396 3536

Hashtag Media Namibia - Social Media Agency

Hashtag Media is carving a niche in a market still developing. In a short time period, we have trail blazed, and reinvented what it means to do marketing. We are a social media agency based in the heart of Windhoek, constantly pushing the envelope and avoiding trends by not being just another creative agency. By taking social media and flipping it on its head, we have managed to work with some of the most innovative brands, and merge our digital hub with tailor made art for each client. One of the reasons we have such great work ethic and unparrelled results is our transparency, honesty and reliability. Our team is a group of young people driven by individuality with a common goal and a modern twist on what it means to work hard and push brands on social media. Focusing on personal growth, mentoring and engaging with the best in the industry, we have built a small army of very focused creatives who are always ready to top themselves in the most authentic way possible and make your brand visible, on social media.